What should be my first self-defense weapon?

Why Ordinary People Should Carry Pepper Spray

Getting a self-defense weapon for the first time is not very different from trying the gym or picking up a sport for the first time. You find out soon enough that you just have to be physically and mentally prepared for it. Pepper spray is a great first defense weapon to have because any ordinary person would know how to use one. Its use is legal almost anywhere in the world, too.

Pepper sprays are non-lethal incapacitating weapons. Their food-grade pepper solution causes a severe burning pain, constricts the airways, swells the eyes into shutting, and makes the body overproduce mucus and tears. The physiological effects can deter even drunken or stoned attackers who are numb to pain. These start to fade in 15 to 45 minutes, but can linger for hours.

The use of any weapon requires some training and conditioning. Pepper sprays need only minimal preparation that can be had with practice sprays and a good pepper spray manual. Those who have just turned 18 or are physically unfit can use a self-defense spray effectively.

Disguised pepper sprays like lipstick pepper sprays can throw assailants off, as they do not look like weapons at all. Small pepper sprays are easy to carry and conceal in the hand. Hot pepper sprays with an 18% rather than 10% concentration work intensely and quickly.

WildFire and Mace pepper spray has innovations like pepper gel, pepper foam, pepper guns and pepper batons, jogger and police pepper sprays, as well as double-action or triple-action combination pepper and tear gas sprays. Some of these make ideal home pepper sprays, while Pepper Shot offers car pepper sprays. Dog or bear pepper spray is available for runners and campers.

You could resell pepper sprays for added income. Get your wholesale pepper spray from a drop ship wholesaler so you need not keep an inventory, can make speedy deliveries, and can keep your prices lean and attractive.

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Why Use Pepper Spray?